Reverse Mortgage Seattle Lynnwood Edmonds Shoreline WashingtonWith the versatility available from reverse mortgage funds, it’s hard to not find a match for your needs.  Whether looking to purchase a new home, increase monthly cash flow, pay off a debt such as a HELOC, or create an easy to access nest egg to protect assets, there is a way to use this creative retirement tool that will suit you.  This article is going to focus on one that is quickly gaining in popularity – the Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit.

What is a Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit?

The line of credit option allows homeowners to tap into the equity of their home and have access to the funds whenever needed, but unlike a lump sum or monthly payments, they don’t have to withdraw any funds at all and can keep it as a safety net.  Or the funds can be used when needed to supplement retirement income.  The options are endless.

How is the amount on a line of credit determined?

Just like all reverse mortgages, the amount is determined based on the age of the borrower (borrowers must be age 62 or older) and the appraised value of the home.  The older the borrower and the more the home is worth, the larger the line of credit will initially be.  Borrowers also are not required to use all the available equity in their home as the line of credit, and they have options to combine it with other funding sources such as monthly installments or even a home purchase.

Will the line of credit funding amount ever change?  

Yes and no.  Unlike other reverse mortgage funding options, a line of credit will increase at a compounding rate determine by HUD – and on the flip side, it will never decrease even if home values depreciate.

Why get a Line of Credit now rather than wait until I’m sure I need it?  

Retirement experts are recommending to many clients to include the reverse mortgage line of credit in their retirement portfolios from the get-go for various reasons.  One, the housing market is strong right now and appraised home values are high.  Two, as the years go on, these programs change and it may not be available in 10 years, but anyone who has an already established line of credit will always be ‘grandfathered’ into the program, even if it is eliminated in the future.  And three, in the case of economic downturn where investments are affected, having the line of credit immediately available can be a future safety net.

Is a Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit FHA Insured?

Typically yes, as long you are working with a reputable reverse mortgage lender, the line of credit will beFHA insured just like any other reverse mortgage product.  This means there are protections and guarantees in place for the borrower that will never falter.

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